Rayo sets up your U.S. banking

before you take off

Our goal is to help make your move to the U.S. stress free by ticking some pretty important boxes on your moving checklist. With financial tools and services that are ready to use when you land, you’ll hit the ground running.

Before you arrive

Open your Rayo account from your home country to get a head start

Open your Rayo account from anywhere in the world* before you arrive in the U.S. Once you have completed the boarding process and are approved, your account is activated and ready to use. That’s one less to-do after you arrive.

Before you arrive

Plan your move with the Rayo Knowledge Base and relocation help

We want to eliminate the stress and uncertainty of your move. We will offer a wealth of knowledge and support to help with your relocation and life in the U.S.

Tools and services

after you arrive

Now that you’re living in the U.S. we’re here with you for the long haul, delivering products and services designed to make your financial life better.

After you arrive

Start spending with your debit card

Your Rayo Debit Card can be used once you arrive and we don’t charge additional ATM or FX Fees. Network FX fees and standard ATM charges will apply. Surprises are nice but not when it comes to fees.

After you arrive

Save even faster with Rayo

Make your money work for you with Rayo’s interest-bearing savings account. And when you spend with Rayo, your purchases get rounded up so your savings grow even more.

After you arrive

Build your credit score with a credit card

Rayo will let you apply for a credit card** right away without the hassle of needing a credit score or waiting in line at a bank branch.

**Coming soon through our affiliate partner

Continual support and world-class productsbeyond your arrival

Rayo is an experience that extends beyond your arrival to the U.S. Our promise is to always deliver products and services that will make your financial life better and to be fully transparent every step of the way.

Save in an interest- bearing savings account that is safe and secure

The Rayo Savings account earns interest with no minimum balance or hidden fees. Deposits are FDIC insured.

Banking beyond borders

Send money and manage your US and home country finances.

Investment accounts

Coming soon – Invest in stocks and crypto-currency from your Rayo account so you can start securing your future.

Fast money transfers with great rates

Save more with hassle free money transfers and great rates.

Unlimited number of ATM withdrawals. No hidden fees

We don’t charge additional ATM or FX Fees. Network FX fees and standard ATM charges will apply.

Knowledge base and relocation help

Plan your move confidently with the Rayo Knowledge Base and relocation help