Gone are the days when you had to travel great distances to the nearest Indian grocery store just to get a bag of your favorite aloo bhujia? Those days are long gone. There is a Patel or India Bazaar in every US city — and boy, do they stock everything from Hajmola to Haldirams!

But things are changing during these challenging times. The strict social distancing orders have made it difficult to go and shop at Indian grocery stores throughout the US.

As immigrants ourselves, we understand how much you miss the tastes, smells and sights of home, especially home cooked food. This is why Rayo has put together a list of the 10 most popular online Indian grocery stores in the US. So you can stay connected, while distancing.

1- GroceryBabu.com

From high-quality Indian pulses to aromatic Indian spices, GroceryBabu is a one-stop online grocery store that offers over 700 grocery items. Even a variety of fresh home-made snacks, sweets, pickles, and chutneys are included in this list. Besides selling Indian groceries, it also offers special online cooking classes for popular Indian dishes.

2- iShopIndian.com

Another local favorite, iShopIndian, offers customers an extensive range of Indian groceries and home-made items all shipped from India. Apart from a multiple option of flours, lentils, millets, spices, cooking oils, chutneys, papads, snacks, and pickles, customers can also purchase various Indian cooking utensils or go through its collection of recipe videos, and cookbooks.

3- Desibasket.com

Desi Basket is a leading online Indian grocery store in the US, offering a wide range of Indian grocery and other consumer products. It boasts of 2000+ products and 150+ brands. Their exclusive products include Indian snacks, rice, dals, flours, rava, masalas, sweets, Indian spices, biscuits, bakery, beauty products, pooja items and other branded products.

4- VedicPro.com

VedicPro is a popular online Indian grocery store that offers everything a local grocer in India could possibly offer, and at an affordable price. They offer a wide range of Indian groceries, spices, beverages, snacks, dairy items, and cookware. The store also carries organic, home-made, and Ayurvedic products. Customers can place orders through phone, website, or mobile app.

5- ZiFiti.com

Zifiti.com is another gem of an online Indian store for every Indian immigrant. An assorted range of Indian grocery items, bakery products, sweets, and ready-to-eat Indian snacks can be found here. They also support hundreds of Indian vendors by allowing them to sell their products on its user-friendly website.

6- IndianGrocery.com

Very popular amongst Desis, IndianGrocery.com offers superior quality Indian groceries at very reasonable rates. Apart from regular groceries, you can also find a large offering of sweets, beverages, confectioneries, spices, herbs, dairy & bakery products, snacks from both North & South India, and ready-to-eat Indian foods.

7- KhanaPakana.com

KhanaPakana has an exceptionally large product range of over a thousand products across various categories of groceries, beverages, spices, snacks, condiments, and Ayurvedic herbs. Whether you wish to purchase for your household or even your business, you can browse through the KhanaPakana online store to get everything you may need.

8- Indiabazaar

IndiaBazaar offers a broad range of rice, flours, lentils, spices & masalas, cooking oils, sweets, pickles, and snacks. You can find almost all high quality Indian and international brand items on this online store.

9- Desimart.com

Another popular online store that offers a wide range of Indian groceries and home-made food items. From pulses, flours, biscuits and spices, to snacks, sweets, pickles, and ready-to-eats, you can find everything here. Desimart is synonymous with good quality and reasonable prices.

10- MySnacks.us

mySnacks.us is a gem with a huge variety of traditional Indian sweets, snacks, spices and condiments. It also offers a variety of other traditional and seasonal Indian grocery items.

This list should get you started, and always remember to compare prices and free delivery options to get the best value for your money. Apart from these, websites like Avocadonext.com, Mercato.com, and Postmates.com deliver from your favorite local grocery stores like Patel bros, New India Bazaar, Namaste Plaza, and offer affordable alternatives during these trying times.

If you find this blog useful in filling your kitchen cabinets with all your favorite Indian groceries, do let us know by reaching out to us on our social handles:



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